CoolR Tack

Monitor cooler health, usage, and customer behavior with low cost, long life, wireless device.


Time-stamped door opens

Preventative Maintenance

Movement / tilt temperature / light

Consumer Engagement

BLE, Eddystone, iBeacon

Peel and Stick

2 minute installation- no wiring or assembly required

Technical Specifications

Battery : 18505 3500 mAh

Battery Life : 5 years

Sensors : 9 axis accelerometer,
gyroscope, light, humidity

Dimensions : 1.08 x 1.16 x 3.27 inches

Weight : ~66 grams/ ~2.3 ounces
(with battery)

Operating Temperature :
-5°C (23°F) to 45°C (113°F)

Installation Type: Peel and stick

Battery life at: (+2°C/ 35.6° F to +40°C/ +104°F)Outside these ranges:-
  • Battery life may be affected negatively.
  • Excessive vibration may also affect battery life negatively on swinging door.

certify     certification    IP66certificate

Tack Installation